Friend cut me off

Yes, a lot of this is probably jealousy. I too have someone who I thought was a good friend, but they turned out not to be the friend I thought they were. We have had her and her husband come with us on holiday numerous times to our place in Spain, and after the last time when we next saw them all she did was talk about how they really like to go on holiday on their own. Message received, no more invites to our place then. Ridiculous and short sighted. :sneaky:
I did wonder if some of it was jealousy - why the need to undermine me? For no reason at all? I do think this ex friend is an EFH. Suited her to be friendly when she had no one else to talk to. But would have these outbursts of extreme criticism - as if to big herself up.
I agree it must be jealousy based.
She has been retired for a long time, lives alone, did not integrate well into the area she lives in, so she says and keeps bringing up Covid during which she went nuts disregarding everything, wearing one mask for months, going on protests…, until she got sick. During that time some of her friends were breaking the rules and seeing each other even during lockdown. She keeps saying those friendships have remained, the others a sort of vanished off the radar.
I work in the medical field and taking risks and going to hospitals was unethical in my world. I did get sick myself several times. I was like a magnet for Covid and it took a toll on my general health.
So why feed me the Covid era. It was difficult for our company, everyone got sick and not the best time to do business.
She, on the other hand had a blast. She had her supporters, I had to hide her messages on Facebook, couldn’t stand them. I forgot about that.
Now she only goes off at me and tbh, I can’t see why, what is she doing that is so outstanding, nothing. Just acting like she has the best life ever, that is when I don’t feel well and make a mistake of calling her.
When I am well and full of energy she makes sure to poison the space, getting angry, something is always off.

Now that I wrote all of this down, I wonder what in the world I still call her for.

I met her quite soon after my divorce and appreciated her friendship, valued it. I took the good and the bad, but it was never as bad and continuously this bad. She had her moods, but balanced out after a while.
We spent a lot of time together, went on vacations, even took some courses together. I thought she was ambitious at work and she was good at interior decorating and helped me with my that new flat I bought.
These memories are what I still hope for, but I have to accept that people change and there is no going back.
It is sad in a way. Having a long time friend is rare and I was probably still hopeful.
I had the pleasure of the 2ndEFH of my partners befriending my very few good friends in a new country. I now ignore it but I was so hurt with the friends too as just didn't understand it as they new all my anger, pain and frustration at this 2ndEFH. I just took a big step back and we are very focused (thank god my partner is on board) on making new friends that have nothing to do with his ex. Wohoooooo!! I just can't wait to have her out of my life (well as out of my life as hopefully adult children will entail).