The Weather


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We actually had rain today and it’s cooler after the heatwave.
Quite cool and cloudy here - I'm missing wearing thin clothes like during the heatwave. Somewhere in between cool and heatwave would be nice!
It's starting to feel backend-ish here. I always think it's sad that mid August the nights start drawing in a bit and the air starts to feel a bit autumnal - I wish summer was longer. Having said that a warm spell is due apparently.
Heatwave again :) It's incredibly hot today and this evening almost felt mediterranean. I'm not complaining but it makes me feel very lazy and like not getting anything done.
So heatwave over and now it's the other extreme! Thick fog and it's chilly. Something in between would be nice!
So what happened to autumn? We had one nice sunny breezy day at the beginning of September and cold and rainy whether since. It was really cold three weeks ago for about two weeks. And then I find there's been a heatwave in London! Not fair! And now it's nearly November. I long for an overseas holiday somewhere warm this winter - but it isn't going to happen. Just paid for part of next summer's holiday.
Thick snow! Last couple of days. Things were cancelled. It melted a bit by the second day so at least the Sainsbury's van could get through! Roll on Spring.
Weather is changing. We had two weeks of cold weather and snow and now up to 10 deg.
Winters were usually colder on my end and we had more snow. Now we have fog and rain.
It was almost spring like today :) A bit of sunshine. Daffodil shoots are showing but not in flower yet.