Christmas thread

Good news! The steam cleaning worked really well. OH did it yesterday and all smells gone. I didn’t expect it to work but it did. I’m a bit more relaxed now.
I think it’s a good idea to have something prepared and frozen. It does make life so much easier when we don’t have time or have issues with health.
I do the same and it has helped us get through the flu lately. We were unable to cook and sadly are too far out of the city center to have food delivered and I need everything gluten free, so not that available.
Gluten free adds another thing to prepare for yes. Also I like the idea of frozen things that are less likely to cause food poisoning! I have some beef pies coming.
We may not be getting all the fresh vitamins, but we are all safe from food poisoning. I never looked at it this way, but it works for me.👍
Guess what, seems that DIL of YSS has had a better offer for Xmas day and so they want to come to us on the 27th. You know what, I no longer care. The last time we saw them, a few weeks ago, one of the twins looked at me and said "I think I know you, don't I?". DIL thought it was funny, I was heartbroken. Says it all. I get that the "mother's family" is always the most important, but we just get totally forgotten. YSS is pretty good with us, but he just can not get a foothold for the "mother/daughter" thing.
I'm sorry to hear that. That must be upsetting. I wouldn't take the grandchild comment too seriously though - how old is the child? I didn't quite get how YSS has a DIL? That is very bad to change plans so close to Christmas although with stepfamilies anything can happen. Big change here too. SS moved in suddenly and EFH cut him off completely. It was hardly a moment for celebration as he was quite traumatised the first few days and had some nasty messages from her, but he's doing ok now. So he is living here permanently. She wouldn't let him have his things so we've dipped into savings and buying him everything new.

EFH told him he can never go there again if he stays here. Typical EFH.
DIL is the wife of YSS, sorry. The children are 5.5, it is the situation that has resulted in that comment that upsets me. Anyway, I think it may be a turning point for the better in the long run with your relationship with SS. Our EFH did the same think to YSS about 4 years ago, I would love to have been a fly on the wall for that argument! Anyway, she has refused to have anything to do with him since and guess what, he is a much nicer person for it. He is much closer to his dad and I now, and has begun to recognise who has been there for him all along. For these women, they are only interested in their children as long as they can control them. When the children grow up and challenge this, these women have no difficulty simply walking away. They show their true colours. Thankfully, SS has you two. Things should improve gradually.
Absolutely he has seen her true colours. I think the turning point was seeing more of friends and what their Mothers were like - he told OH that. That was a few months ago now. Yes they are no longer interested if they can't control them. Also, I think it may be no coincidence that child benefit and child tax credits stop at 16 as well. Not much incentive there then.
How did you cope with it Linpet? When EFH cut ESS off? I thought SS was having a bit of a breakdown last week. We distracted him by getting things organised and a new phone but it’s huge.
YSS was an adult, so not the same in terms of coping with it. We just continued to be there for him and gradually he seemed to be happier and more connected to us. Society views parents as being all important but saddly, sometimes it is better to get away from all the toxic behaviour and just raise yourself.
Yes I think he wants to be independent as soon as possible.

I guess we just take one day at a time.
And .......... it's getting very expensive! OH won't need to pay CMS any more - but what we save each month, we've spent the next year's worth already and more. Getting everything from scratch for SS - wardrobe, shelving, new phone and contract, clothes, shoes etc etc. And that's before Christmas! He seems quite happy though this week.
Happy is good. This is a one time thing and things will run more smoothly from now on. EFH will now have to participate financially and that may help.
OH isn't going to put in a claim for Child Maintenace. He says it's up to SS what he does. So it got better. But today he is in a foul mood especially with me. I wonder if he's had a message from his Mother today. I still think she's going to keep trying to persuade him to go back.
Anyone lost their marbles yet? :) Yesterday I was so tired I couldn't see straight. Today I'm fairly organised and food order coming Saturday. But - we've got storms and had a couple of power cuts. That wouldn't be good on Christmas Day!