Bugs and Viruses!


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I've been laid up for a week with some horrible flu bug. SS had it first - it knocked him flat but he was over it in a couple of days. And here I am a week later! At least it's not Covid again.

In the middle of feeling terrible, we had really bad storms and a power cut. Which xxxxxxered my laptop. Being in bed I needed something to do and was on the laptop when the power went off during the storms. Lots of crashes. Help from an online expert, ran loads of tests etc. The result was - the hard drive, ram, motherboard and external drive that was plugged into it, are all kaput. I do have a spare laptop and have been backing up all my files onto that. All these computer files build up don't they?

So a reminder not to leave laptops plugged in during storms! There is actually a surge protector on the plug, but it's quite old so seems it needs replacing.
Sorry to hear that you are sick, but a lot of it is going around at this time.
We had a big snowfall, at this point it is melting away, but there is still a lot of snow. People were without electricity here too. We were not, but our heating system broke down, it’s up now and we do have an alternative ready.
We use gas for heating and when the war in Ukraine started and all the issues with gas, I immediately bought air conditioning, warming and cooling, so we were ok, but the neighbors were cold.
I had to shovel snow myself because H has back problems and is in general not doing well.
We all had Covid over the new year, but were not able to take enough time off.
When you work with healthcare professionals, and maintain their equipment, they don’t take no for an answer.
It was tough. We were all sick and we are not in good shape.

I am getting fed up with all the fatigue, long nights, fog, no sun and it was also very cold. Can’t wait for spring and summer when we can be out and about again.
I leave just at the break of dawn for work and return at night. It is getting increasingly difficult.

Since I feel like I am out of options, I have been thinking of getting a few minutes of artificial sun. I do feel better afterwards, at least I did, but I am somewhat afraid of the possible downside of it.
Sun improves the mood and overall health and recovery, but it can also cause damage to skin and mine is very thin.
I am conflicted or just too tired to go there for a few minutes, but maybe I really should go once a week or possibly twice. Don’t want to overdo it.

I am resting today and tomorrow we plan to go to the coast. It will be sunny and warmer there.

Get well soon, drink lots of liquids and take sufficient rest.

P.s. I guess I should be listening to my own advice, but as they say, it is easier to tell others what to do, than do it myself.