The good times


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I have been posting about many challenges life has brought my way.
Some difficult , some really tough, but some very good times too.

Maybe we need some lighter topics, a lot has been happening in our lives that was not so great and it is sometimes difficult to see the forest instead we of looking at just some trees.

Last afternoon I celebrated my birthday with my entire family. H, my DDs with family, ESS with his girlfriend, my sister and partner and niece, my mother, my ex and his ex wife, their son and his girlfriend.
We had a really good time, nothing that special, but nice with good food and friendly loving people around me.
I love sunflowers and today my house is full of them and it feels really good. I also took a day off just for myself.

On Saturday we also celebrated a friends birthday, we are almost the same age only he is 5 days older and also had a good time with friend and nice people around.

My point being, we should also acknowledge the good times we have, because personally I sometimes forget or skip those events and instead just dwell on the bad, which than makes me miserable.
From now on, reaching a certain mark of 6 decades, I realize I only have so much more that if in fairly good health I can still enjoy. Of course I still feel somewhat young, but just realizing I am getting older, I lately opted for more of the good, even if it is just an afternoon or just a good moment.

I have lived a more secluded lifestyle, I guess the forced isolation had an effect on me and I sometimes feel I have more social anxiety when going out, even to see customers. I can’t describe it, but it feels different and it is something I would like to overcome. And this is one of way.

I am also glad I can hug my ex as well as his ex wife (don’t ask) and feel good, free. All the kids get along and I can’t tell you how humbling that feels.

I am somewhat sad for H, but try to make him feel good and connected to my family. I think he does, I hope he does. It is not easy being alone.
Hope you had a lovely birthday :) Yes we should all think about good moments. My latest thing is about not putting things off till the next day or a few days, as with all the health things and other things dropping out of the blue (this week it was just a punctured car tyre) you sometimes regret not doing something straight away!