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I'm allergic to most pets and it's frustrating. I had given up on the idea of any pets until we got SS a hamster when he was younger. I was allergic to the bedding but it was tolerable. (I now get hypoallergenic bedding!) As you do, I ended up looking after the hamster as young children can decide they don't want to do that. Additionally, hamsters are quite fragile and can be dropped or squeezed too hard, so supervision is needed anyway. Plus with stepchild schedules they are not always there when something needs doing. So long story short - I fell in love with that little hamster! It used to sit between OH and I on the sofa sometimes and even fell asleep on my knee a few times. Providing it was the right time of the evening when he was less active.

We were all completely devasted when the hamster gradually started dying. And then didn't die. He kept rallying round and then starting to die again. Eventually, sadly, we had to have him helped on his way.

He was very much a family pet and after a couple of months of all being miserable, we got another one. And were all happy again. They don't live very long so we've been through this a few times now. I decided we should have two. It's a bit selfish, but if one dies, you still have the familiar pet routine to cling onto as a part of life and the other one is a comfort and still needs you.

Since then we've always had two. Either Syrians or Roborovski's or one of each. They are now officially my pets though lol. SS is a teenager and not interested (or pretends not to be but does smile when one is running around the room or trying to climb the stairs). I enjoy the creativity of setting up the cages before they arrive and the little bits of diy that go with it.

Hamsters do actually bond with owners as well and can be a very comforting pet. They don't sit still long for a stroke, but a few minutes stroke is still quite special.