Information on Egg Freezing in 2023


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The link below is from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority and gives detailed information about what egg freezing entails. It also explains that the law changed on 1st July 2022 as regards how long eggs can legally be stored for. Previously there was a limit of 10 years. But since 1st July 2022 the law allows any period of time up to 55 years. But consent needs to be given every 10 years. It explains the average costs involved also. There are a number of clinics who also give information, but they are businesses and this is neutral information.

My first thought on seeing the change to the law was - 55 years! I think most women wanting egg freezing would be at least 25 years old and probably usually 30 to 35. 55 plus 25 is 70. It seems strange to think that someone could choose to use their frozen eggs at the age of 69!