Forum Rules and Code of Conduct


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1) Keep it friendly
2) Be courteous and respectful. Others may have differing opinions at times. Healthy debate is fine!
3) Stay on topic. Please give a clear topic title and put your post in the appropriate category. Try to stay on topic during a discussion. If something comes up within that topic that is different then start a new thread for that.
4) Share your knowledge. Don't hold back sharing your knowledge. Someone else may find it useful or interesting.
5) Please ensure photos and links are appropriate. If adding any links to your post, please ensure they are https links and not older http links.
6) We ask you to choose an anonymous username and the forum acronyms for family and not use any real names.
7) Please don't use a lot of capital letters in posts and titles. This can come across as shouting to some people.
8) If there is a problem post or thread you want to be looked at, please use the "report" button.
9) When uploading photos please don't use links to image sites, but just use the "attach file" button at the bottom of your post. You can upload photos directly this way, from phone or computer. There's no need to resize them.
10) If you want to block a membership (eg for the ex), please contact Admin.
11) Please use the forum designated acronyms when talking about family members. These are:

OH - (Other Half) for Partner
DH - (Dear Husband) for Husband
BM - Birth Mother
The Ex - For a particularly difficult Birth Mother!
EFH - (Ex from Hell) - reserved for an ex who is hostile and abusive
SS - Stepson
SD - Stepdaughter
DS - Dear son
DD - Dear daughter
ESS/ESD/EDS/EDD - Eldest stepson etc
YSS/YSD/YDS/YDD - Youngest stepson etc
MSS/MSD?MDS?MDD - Middle stepson etc
MIL - Mother in Law
FIL - Father in Law
LW - Late wife
LWP's - Late wife's parents
LWF - Late wife's family
FMIL - Late wife's Mother (DH former Mother in Law).

Also please check the more formal Terms and Rules at the base of the forum page (standard legal terms wording).
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